FIFA Mobile’s new World Cup event  


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Even though the U.S. sadly did not qualify for this year’s World Cup I can take some solace in knowing that I can play as the beleaguered squad in FIFA Mobile’s new World Cup event.Available in the game’s latest update the World Cup event lets you play as one of 32 qualifying nations and take it through a campaign. If you select one of the 16 non-qualified nations you must complete an additional qualification campaign chapter. Rewards remain consistent across all 48 nations so do not worry about nation-specific rewards.

As with the real-world World Cup you must proceed through the group stage and qualifiers. You need a minimum of two wins to advance from the group stage and you must restart your World Cup run if you do not win at least two games.Qualifiers meanwhile are must-win games. If you lose any qualifier you are sent back to the group stage.To make things tougher the World Cup event features five tiers of increasing difficulty. FIFA Mobile Coins The OVR requirements increase as you go from one tier to the next with tiers one and two requiring at least a 70 and 75 OVR respectively. Tiers three and four require at least an 85 and 90 OVR respectively while you must have at least a 100 OVR for tier five.

To help you in your run the World Cup event includes a varied set of players: starter base campaign and world level. You get starter players once you select a squad. Base players meanwhile are included in the World Cup campaigns VS Attack and the store.Campaign players are available through World Cup campaigns and are acquirable as you complete each tier. Finally world level players are available as you advance through the World Level section.


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